Friday, February 26, 2016

Morning Star

Morning Star
by Pierce Brown

Genre:  Science Fiction
Published: 2/9/16 by Random House
Pages:  544
Format:  Hardcover

My rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars

Morning Star is the final book in the Red Rising trilogy.  In preparation for reading this, I re-read the first two books.  The first book, Red Rising, was so much better for me the second time.  I liked it the first time, but I loved it the second time.  After my re-read, I was anxious and curious to see how Pierce Brown would wrap up the series in this final book.  I don't read much science fiction, but I have really enjoyed this trilogy!

It had to be a daunting task to write this ending.  It is such a big world and a wild, crazy story that Brown created with this series.  I can only imagine how hard it would be to make everything come together and wrap up in a satisfying way for all readers.  And all the hard work paid off, because this was a great final book and an amazing ending to the whole trilogy.

I won't give away any spoilers in this review, but Brown continues with the chaotic pacing and storyline that he began in the first two books.  Alliances are broken, betrayal is inevitable, and no character is safe.  Brown has proven again and again in this series that he is not afraid to kill off his characters, even beloved main characters!

I was a little uncertain through the first half of the book.  I was liking it okay, but I wasn't blown away and was afraid it would not live up to my expectations.  However, at some point around the middle of the book, my interest peaked and I was hooked the rest of the book.  I especially loved the ending.  The last 75 pages or so more than makeup for the slow start.  I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 stars, but the ending was good enough to bump that up to 5 stars.

One thing I have loved through this series is seeing Darrow's character development.  This is evident in the final book, and I love how he has grown up.  How he sees the good in people.  How he gives second chances to his enemies, perhaps too many second chances.  I love how Brown has blurred the lines of good and bad, especially during times of war.  The good people sometimes do bad things, and the bad people sometimes do good things. In the end, they are all just fighting for what they believe to be right.  These themes of forgiveness, redemption and morality are prevalent in Morning Star, and I found it all to be thought provoking.

I also loved the themes of friendship in this novel.  Some of the best characters can be found in Darrow's friends, and they all play an important role in drawing this story to a conclusion.  I think the final sentence of the epilogue might be my favorite of the whole series, as it highlights the importance of the friendships Darrow made along the way.