Sunday, October 13, 2013


by Veronica Roth

Genre:  Young Adult
Pages:  576
Published:  5/23/11 by Harper Collins
Format:  ebook

My rating:
5 out of 5 stars

I just finished reading this book again, in preparation for the release of the final book in the series next week.  I've read Divergent several times now, so I figured it was time to write a proper review.

I am a sucker for the young adult dystopian genre.  These stories about teens trying to survive and fight in a world controlled by an evil higher power pull me in EVERY TIME.  Some of these books are excellent and well-written; others not so much. But I still read them regardless!  I feel like Divergent falls onto the well-written end of this spectrum. I have read a lot of books in this genre, and Divergent ranks number two on my list of favorite YA dystopian novels behind the Hunger Games series.

Divergent is set in a world that has been divided into five factions:  Abnegation, Dauntless, Candor, Amity and Erudite.  Each faction focuses on a certain strength, and each teenager must chose to which faction they will pledge their allegiance.  Beatrice (Tris) Prior leaves Abnegation, a group focused on selflessness, to join the Dauntless, the faction known for being both brave and dangerous.  With the help of her instructor (and love interest) Four, Tris learns some dangerous secrets and must act with both bravery and selflessness in order to stop the evil leaders' plan to take over the city.

The plot is similar to many books in this genre, and I didn't feel like there were too many surprises in this story.  But it's still good and lots of fun to read. I like the characters a lot, especially Tris and Four.  There is also plenty of action throughout the story, so things are never dull.

There's a little action, a little romance, some family drama, lots of corrupt leaders, good friendships,  and teenage drama...what more could you want in a book?  =)   It's just a fun book, so fun that I have now read it three times.  And I have enjoyed it every single time!

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