Monday, July 29, 2013

Sparkly Green Earrings

by Melanie Shankle

Genre:  Memoir
Pages:  240
Published:  2/8/13 by Tyndale House
Format:  ebook

My rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars

I enjoyed this little book. I liked reading Melanie Shankle's thoughts about motherhood and life. She made me laugh. She made me nod my head in agreement and say, "That's exactly how I feel!" Her honesty and humor were fun to read.

So why only 3.5 stars? I don't know. Something just didn't work for me in this book. I can see how her blog (which I have never read, but am planning to start reading) would be enjoyable to read. The short, somewhat random chapters told in stream of consciousness form would work great as blog posts. But I think her style of writing is better fit for a blog and not a book. The book just didn't flow for me, and it was hard to tell what her purpose/point in writing the book was. Sometimes it read like a memoir of her first years of motherhood. Other times it seemed to be trying to teach something or make a point. But the flow between real life stories and devotional points just didn't quite work for me.

So while I enjoyed the book, I think I would have just enjoyed reading her blog more.

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